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Lithium bromide analysis

Absorption chillers for the use in industrial refrigeration are designed to operate with specific amounts of chemical additives and inhibitors.

Since they are products with an expiration date, when they reach the end of their useful life they reduce the efficiency of the equipment and alter the solution that exists in the unit, affecting its availability and reducing its cooling capacity as time progresses.

Our lithium bromide laboratory or analysis service facilitates the supervision and maintenance of the absorption chillers, allowing interventions that avoid damage to chiller units and guaranteeing the unit’s operational efficiency. Therefore it is essential that chemical additives are kept at adequate levels to safeguard the chillers and ensure operational efficiency.

We work with prestigious chemical laboratories that are constantly audited and which undergo the most demanding quality controls. Its function is to control the following properties in the facilities:

  • Ammonia level.
  • Inhibitor level.
  • General aspects.
  • Suspended solids.
  • Specific gravity.
  • Lithium bromide level.
  • Alkaline level.

The standard analysis report of lithium bromide and refrigerant of the laboratories that work with GOA IBERICA includes:

  • Numerical information about all test carried out, as well as information from previous samples.
  • Current and previous interpretations and recommendations on the samples.
  • An accurate calculation of chemical additives (If necessary) to balance the coolant solution.

Once our clients have in their possession the analytical results with the necessary concentration of additives, GOA IBERICA offers the possibility of supplying the necessary additives to balance the absorption chillers.