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Machinery laser alignment

A correct alignment of the machinery will result in a prolongation of the useful life of the productive elements and will reduce energy consumption.

A correct alignment of the machinery will imply a reduction of noise and vibration and will decrease the mechanical wear of productive equipment.

Alignment errors negatively impact bearings and other moving parts of machines, causing costly breakdowns; not only because of the price of repair, but also because they will cause forced production stops.

Incorrect alignments cause lubrication problems, bearings, deflection in the shafts, appearance of cracks, etc.

Studies estimate that 80% of machinery lacks proper alignment. The consequences are increased electrical consumption, mechanical imbalances, wear of moving parts and severe decrease in the useful life of production equipment.

The alignment work involves several factors that must be studied:

  • Rotor speed.
  • Type of coupling.
  • The number and size of motor anchors.
  • Thermal expansion.
  • Dynamic alignment changes.
  • Tension of the pipes and structure.