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Mechanical vibration analysis

A technology key MBC (Condition - based maintenance technology)

Vibration analysis is an important tool for predictive maintenance of equipment.

it allows to identify the oscillations in the machinery, the wear in moving parts, the misalignment of elements, the cracks; avoiding damage to the production mechanisms means prolonging the useful life of the rotating equipment.

This technology is used to determine the state of each of the equipment components in order to schedule the respective maintenance activities, without affecting the normal development of the production plant.

The use of this technology provides valuable information in the premature diagnosis of failures in the rolling elements, gears, pumps, compressors, fans and other rotating machines.

The faults that can be detected by the machines through their vibrations are the following:

  • Unbalance.
  • Misalignment.
  • Bearing defect.
  • Crooked shafts.
  • Mechanical mismatch.
  • Transmission defects.
  • Gear defects.
  • Electric problems.